Vision? – Plan? – Desire? – Strategically 3 is a magic number

All good things come in 3’s ….. and so it is with strategy.

1. VISION? – 2. PLAN? – 3. DESIRE? - the 3 ingredients to maximise success

3 ingredients of success

‘VISION’ - you know what your business will look like in (say) 3 years
‘PLAN’ - you have a plan to make that vision happen
‘DESIRE’ - you have a strong desire to implement the plan

In fact you can actually work out your chances of maximising your potential by scoring each element in relation to your business today (honestly) on a scale of 1-10 (where 10 is better). A typical business owner will often look something like this:

Vision = 7/10 (we have some idea – but we are not crystal clear)
Plan = 4/10 (as for vision – but if we are honest – we have no firm plan!) 
Desire = 10/10 (yes – we are really up for the challenge)

Obviously the top score in each case is 10 – which is calculated as 10 x 10 (= 100) x 10 = 1000.

Our illustrative score was 7 x 4 = 28 x 10 = 280 which means in this case we have a 28% chance of ‘maximising our potential’ (280/1000) if we don’t do something about our clarity of Vision or our ability to put a Plan in place.

The great news in this example is that we have the ‘Desire’ to improve performance and ‘avoid the business rocks’ (see below). The even better news is that Desire is the most important element because you can get business growth experts (like Collabor8) to help you with Vision and Plan, but only the business owner can personally bring that Desire to make it happen – and to keep going – and keep going – and keep going until they finally reach their vision.

Arguably, the most important is desire

Nevertheless, if you are a business owner and calculate a score for your business at anything like that example then that should be a real wake-up call for you. To put it in context you have a 50% chance of calling ‘heads’ when you flip a coin – and you wouldn’t just flip a coin with your business success (would you?).

By the way, just to be really clear here – we are talking about the % chance of you maximising your business potential. Not the % chance of you running a moderately ok business.

So – a key rule of strategy – think: 1. VISION? – 2. PLAN? – 3. DESIRE?

Because in strategic terms – 3 is a magic number!