About KMM

It’s unusual to find a group of people whose top priority
is your success. But here we are!


What we do

We deliver the accounting, tax, payroll, and consulting services you need for a price you’ll appreciate. If all you need is compliance work, you’ll pay less with KMM. If you want forward looking tax or business advice, we have a team of experts for that too. KMM is a full service public accounting firm that has provided superior tax, accounting, attestation, and consulting services to organizations and high net worth individuals throughout Massachusetts for over 50 years.

How we do it

You’ll receive personal service from highly trained and experienced professionals who understand your vision and deliver clear direction on how to achieve your goals. It’s our goal to empower you with the information and skills needed to manage your business and financial affairs with confidence. At KMM, we are committed to carrying out our services with integrity, excellence, and respect for others. Our dedication and client support is beyond compare, always putting your best interests at the forefront.

What makes us different

Technology is our differentiator. Technology improves the services we deliver, cuts our costs and yours, and speeds our delivery time considerably. As a Next Generation Accounting Firm™, we employ SaaS-based innovations, integrated software, and other technologies to support real-time information sharing with our clients. For you, that means 24/7 access to all your financial information through a secure, online delivery method. You’ll be able to access your tax return or financial statement by simply logging on to your private portal through our website to view or download the necessary data.

We recognize the value of a personal, hands-on approach to doing business
that earns your trust for life.