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Got a problem? Use a “Forcefield”!

You are clear on your “Business Vision”. You know what you want your business to look like (say) 3 years ahead. As a consequence you have identified your 2-3 “key strategic thrusts” for the next (say) 12 months. It is now time to build a...

In the Twenty First Century you need to ‘leapfrog’ the competition if you are going to prosper!

But the world has moved on – we are In the Twenty First Century- and employees are no longer content to be told what to do and what to think. Almost without noticing we have passed from the ‘Industrial Age’ into the ‘Knowledge Age’. If business owners want their people to be profitably ‘engaged’ then they need to shift their management style from ‘Dict8′ to ‘Collabor8′. If you can engage your people – you can leverage their talent – you will profit and build business value.

4 leadership “weapons” used by great leaders

Good business leaders display many traits but there are 4 leadership “weapons” used by great leaders:
They use their “business binoculars” to provide CONTEXT. They instill VALUES using their “moral compass”. They build TRUST with their “business shield”. They encourage MOMENTUM with their “business rocket booster”.

Putting your team “under the microscope”

A couple of the common symptoms of those “in-between-zone” businesses is that they have good management but by their background they have not been trained to manage – combined with – great people but they don’t always pull together as a team. Unfortunately, the business owner is often “blind” to these issues.

Why business owners need a Vision Day

Why business owners really need to know “where they are going” and “what they want their business to look like”! How many times do you get behind the wheel of your car and start driving aimlessly – with no clue where you are going? Answer – very rarely –...

Do you really know your target customers and what they want?

Many business owners don’t seem to be especially discerning about the customers they particularly want to win. They seem to be content to work for any customer who calls them or who walks through their front door. They don’t seem to put any great effort into targeting customers who they will enjoy working with, represent a ‘good fit’ for their services or will necessarily be particularly profitable for them. It often seems to be strangely ‘random’.

Helping your team to brainstorm effectively

You can’t stop your team from coming up with strange/unworkable/undesirable ideas – but you can stop them before those ideas gather any momentum. It all comes down to the scoring process that you use to prioritize their ideas. How does that work?

You don’t have to take our word for it.
Here’s what our clients have to say…

"What stands out most about "Collabor8" is their proven methodology – it works. We’ve seen results and know that his work will have positive residual benefits over the coming years”

"Our Collabor8 vision session has proved to be invaluable for the whole team. In particular the discussion about knowledge capture, semi- frozen methodology and ‘elephant sandwiches’ left a truly lasting impression."

"Collabor8 has a very impressive ability to take complicated situations and clarify them into the core elements, which makes it much easier to develop a plan of action around the matter in hand."

"I believe Collabor8 could significantly impact any business that has the potential for operational and strategic progress."