It’s called “compliance work” for a reason.

You do it to comply with government requirements. While some business intelligence may be gleaned from the final tax return or audit, you would probably allocate the expense and staff time toward another purpose if not for IRS or DOR mandates.

As a financial leader or owner of your organization, you want the backward looking, compliance work to be done efficiently, with minimal disruption for your team, and to be delivered in a reasonable timeframe for a price that reflects its value. And perhaps you’d also appreciate a few good ideas throughout the year to minimize your tax payments. That’s what KMM is here for.

How can we be of assistance today?

"There's no one in Boston who knows the architecture profession like Joe and his team at KMM."

"I wouldn't trust anyone else with my family's business. We call on KMM to discuss every major business decision."

"KMM found an error on my tax return. After we filed an amended return, my business got a huge refund."

"The KMM audit team is the best. We see the same team each year, so they really know my business."