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New Partner Named at King McNamara Moriarty

Anthony Anchukaitis has been named partner.  Most recently Tony served with KMM as the Director of Tax.  A graduate of the Bentley College, Tony has more than 20 years of public accounting experience.  He has focused on serving family owned businesses and has become...

Norwood Bank Board of Directors

Joe Moriarty, Managing Partner, KMM, is shown below with the Norwood Bank board of directors (top row, second from the left).  Joe  was appointed to the Norwood Bank board of directors in July, 2014....

How to protect yourself from underpayment penalties

You can be subject to penalties if you don’t pay enough tax during the year through estimated tax payments and withholding. Here are some strategies to protect yourself: Know the minimum payment rules. Your estimated payments and withholding must equal at least 90% of...
"There's no one in Boston who knows the architecture profession like Joe and his team at KMM."

"I wouldn't trust anyone else with my family's business. We call on KMM to discuss every major business decision."

"KMM found an error on my tax return. After we filed an amended return, my business got a huge refund."

"The KMM audit team is the best. We see the same team each year, so they really know my business."