2015 Tax Planning for Individuals

We are again coming to the end of another year and once again dealing with uncertainty due to many tax extenders that expired at the end of 2014. Will Congress once again extend the extenders? Will it be retroactive back to the beginning of 2015? At this late juncture... read more

Minimize Internal Threats to Data Security

In today’s digital era, it is hard to protect against all threats but you can reduce your risk by following some simple steps. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) in 2014 Hacking made up 29% of all data breaches while accidental exposure and lost or... read more

Got a problem? Use a “Forcefield”!

You are clear on your “Business Vision”. You know what you want your business to look like (say) 3 years ahead. As a consequence you have identified your 2-3 “key strategic thrusts” for the next (say) 12 months. It is now time to build a... read more

Tax Alert: IRS Security Breach 300% Greater than Estimated

The IRS is sending out more letters notifying taxpayers they may have been affected by the May 2015 security breach of the online Get Transcript service. The original estimate of affected taxpayers (those whom the hackers gained access to the taxpayer’s account)... read more

Massachusetts Earned Sick Time Law

In case you have been distracted by various issues running your business or trying to find time to take a vacation, we wanted to highlight the fact that The Earned Sick Time law (940 C.M.R. 33.00) that was passed by voters on the November 2014 ballot goes into effect... read more