Paul Latham

CEO of Collabor8

I specialize in helping business owners develop a clear—jargon free—roadmap which helps them work towards their—longer term—'big business outcomes'.

Most business owners only concentrate on their short term—day to day priorities—and don't spend sufficient time making the big, key changes necessary to really transform their business and its performance.

Over many years working with business owners—as well as on my own businesses—I have developed tried and tested processes designed to ensure that business owners put the 3 key ingredients of success into place:

  • a clear VISION of what they want their business to look like
  • a practical PLAN to deliver the changes necessary to achieve that vision
  • a strong DESIRE to ensure that they actually implement those changes (and don’t slip back into ‘business as usual’ mode).

In summary—I help business owners to accelerate their pace of change—and maximize their chances of business success.